New & Used Step Deck Trailers For Sale

When it comes to reliable and efficient equipment transportation, our step deck trailers are the perfect solution. Also known as drop deck or machinery hauling trailers, these trailers utilize a lower main deck to maintain a lower overall height, allowing for the seamless transportation of taller loads. With the added convenience of rear beavertails and ramps, our step deck trailers ensure easy loading and unloading of equipment onto the deck.

Step deck trailers provide a distinct advantage in transporting oversized loads. The design of the lower main deck facilitates the transportation of taller equipment while maintaining stability and safety during transit. These trailers come in common lengths of 48’ and 53’, catering to a variety of hauling needs.

Step Deck Trailers Available to Order

Gincor tridem step deck trailer available to purchase.

Gincor Step Deck

Explore the reliability and durability of our standard Gincor Step Deck, designed to meet the demands of diverse hauling requirements.

Gincor step deck with beavertails trailer available to purchase.

Gincor Step Deck with Beavertails

For added convenience in loading and unloading, our Gincor Step Deck with Beavertails provides a user-friendly solution.

Gincor step deck with air ramps trailer available to purchase.

Gincor Step Deck with Air Ramps

Experience enhanced efficiency with our Gincor Step Deck equipped with Air Ramps, ensuring a smooth transition for your equipment.

Centerline extendable step deck available to purchase.

Centerline Extendable Step Deck

Versatility meets precision with our Centerline Extendable Step Deck, offering adaptability for varying load sizes.

Step Deck Trailer Inventory

Browse our inventory of in stock or on order step deck trailers

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