Centerline Step Deck Extendable


Centerline Step Deck Extendable

The Centerline step deck extendable is the newest trailer to the Centerline trailer product line. We took over a year designing this trailer so that it could enter the market, ready to outperform the competition. Explore this trailer further by clicking the tabs above.

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Trailer Features

Extendable Deck

The lower deck extends out to 18 feet with eight increment positions for 58 feet of lower deck length.

Rear Liveroll

A heavy duty 8.75” live roll and two pair of supper rollers are located on the rear of the trailer.

Split Liverolls

One pair of 6.75″ air lift split live rolls are mounted to the rear of the female main deck.

Bulkhead Guards

Vertically mounted channels installed on bulkhead to prevent damage from skids.

Slide Roller

This trailer uses four large heavy duty 8″ x 3″ greasable rollers that allow the slider frame top open easier, as well as extend the lifespan of the roller themselves.


Four sets of sliding outrigger tubes extend the deck width to accommodate extra wide loads.

Model FD513EX
Step Deck Capacity 45,000 kg GVWR, 80,000lb in 10’
Width Outside of Side Rail: 8’6”, Outside of Rub Rail: 9’.6”
Length 51’.6” Closed & 69’.6” Open
Top Deck Length 10'0"
Lower Deck Length 40’.8” Closed & 58’8” Open
Lower Deck Height 36” Laden
Upper Coupler 3/8” @ 54” Height
King Pin Setting 2” King Pin @ 24” Setting
Swing Radius 75.5”
Frame High Tensile Manufactured Single Drop I Beam
Side Rail 7” @ 9.8lb. ft. Structural Channel
Crossmembers S4 Junior Beam @ 12” Spacing
Roller System (4) H/D Grease Type Rollers- (2) on Female & (2) on Male Section
Lock System (2) 2” Shot Pins Operated By Type 30/30 Air Chambers
Liverolls (1) 4” Half Pipe Mounted on Backside of Gooseneck, (1) Pair 6.375” Air Lift Split Liverolls at Rear of Female Main Deck, (1) H/D 8.625” Rear Mounted Liveroll c/w (2) Sets Support Rollers
Bumper 4” x 4” Tube Bumper & Uprights c/w ½” Chain Slots
Rub Rail 3/8” x 3” Flat Bar Full Length of Trailer Mounted Side Rail
Stake Pockets Formed 4” Deep @ 24” O/C on Sides Not Occupied by Pin Pocket
Pin Pockets (3) Pair External Mount Pin Pockets on Top Deck Spaced Evenly, (1) Pair External Mount Pin Pockets @ 45 Degree on G/N Half Pipe, (10) Pair External Mount Pin Pockets on Lower Deck Spaced Evenly, (1) Pair External Mount Pin Pockets @ 45 Degree on Rear Liveroll, (2) Pair of Quads Ahead of Rear Liveroll Inside of Side Rail, (1) Pair Ahead of Rear Liveroll in Center @ 10” Inside Width
Outriggers (4) Sets of Sliding 4’ x 4” Outrigger Tubes c/w 6” x 4” End Plates, 14’.0” Maximum Overall Width When Open
Load Securement (15) 3-Bar Winches Staggered from Roadside to Curbside, (3) on Top Deck & (12) on Lower Deck, (15) J Hooks Opposite Winches Mounted on Side Rail
Landing Gear Two Speed Crank Down with Handle on Street Side
Deck Material 1 5/16” Shiplap Fir Wood Decking, Removable Checker Plate Covers Over Each Axle Between Rails
Suspension (3) 25,000 lb. air ride c/w rebound chains
Axles (3) 25,000lb @ 77” Track (8’.6” wide over tires), 12.5” x 7” Extended Service Brake Lining & Enclosed Cam Tubes, Automatic Slack Adjusters & Dust Shields on All Axles , Stemco Guardian Seals & 80/90w Gear Oil
Hubs & Drums 10 stud 8.25 x 22.5 pilot mount steel disc
Tires 245/70R17.5 Low Profile Radial
Wheels (6) Alcoa LVL110 Stud 6.75 x 17.5 Pilot Mount Aluminum- Clean Buff, (6) 10 Stud 6.75 x 17.5 Pilot Mount Steel Disc- Silver
ABS System Bendix 2S/1M
Air System Supply & Service Gladhands & 12” Rubber Hose in Pickup Throat, Weigh Gauge, Ride Height Manual Dump & Override Valve, Holster Valve & Weigh Gauge, Three Ball Valve to Operate Deck Slide Pin Locks, Three Ball Valve to Operate Air Lift Liverolls, All Control Valves Mounted in Weatherproof Cabinets
Lighting Integrated Wiring Harness, LED rubber Shock Mounted Lighting System, (2) Pair Swingout Wide Load Lights, (2) Rear Mounted Amber Strobes c/w Switch in Air Dump Cabinet, Rear Mounted 4 Pin Female Electrical Receptacle Plug
Finish Sandblasted, Epoxy Primer & PPG Urethane In (1) Colour
Safety Tape Applied as per regulations
Warranty Prorated (5) Year Warranty on All Components Built by Centerline, All Non-Centerline Manufactured Parts Cover Own Warranty
  • Different deck lengths & widths
  • Tri-drive compatible neck
  • Available in tandem or tridem axle configuration
  • 4.5” liveroll mounted on gooseneck c/w (2) sets support rollers

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