Trailer Rentals in Edmonton

Explore Our Diverse Fleet of Semi-Trailers for Rent at Competitive Rates

Are you in search of a semi-trailer rental in Edmonton? Look no further!

We offer a versatile selection of semi-trailer rentals tailored to various needs, including gravel, oilfield, heavy haul, and construction projects. Our well-maintained trailer rental fleet is available at competitive daily, weekly, or monthly rates.

Our Trailer Rental Fleet Includes:

  • End Dump Rentals
  • Bottom Dump Rentals
  • Side Dump Rentals
  • Lowboy Trailer Rentals
  • Booster & Jeep Rentals
  • Heavy Haul Multi-Axle Combos
  • Equipment Trailer Rentals
  • Flat Deck Trailer Rentals

Semi-Trailer Rental Prices:

Explore our competitive rental prices here.

Benefits of Renting

Renting only requires a short-term agreement and it offers great flexibility. Your business can simply choose the perfect trailer on a per-project basis. Renting offers many advantages:

  • Monthly costs are fixed – tracking costs is more effective
  • Great when bidding on jobs – you know your costs
  • Costs can be expensed as incurred
  • Use equipment before purchasing
  • Frees up capital – renting frees capital for more profitable uses
  • Increase your borrowing power – rental equipment doesn’t show up as a liability


Is Renting Right for You?

Equipment ownership makes sense for ongoing projects and jobs. However, when a project requires a variety of equipment that’s only used on a short-term basis, making equipment purchases is wasteful and inefficient. Consider renting if:

  • The equipment will be used or needed on a job less than 55 percent of the time
  • The annual cost of rental charges divided by the acquisition cost
  • Your jobs are varied


Rent to Purchase Program

Get into a trailer with ease with our Rent to Purchase Program where a portion of your monthly rental amount is applied towards the purchase price of a new trailer. Our rental department is flexible and practical and we will work with you.

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