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Similar in design and operation to an end dump, a dump wagon is a full trailer and is pulled using a pintle hitch. The box is raised using a hydraulic cylinder allowing the load to exit through a tailgate at the rear of the trailer. This type of trailer is usually found behind trucks with dump boxes to add maximize payload. While available in tri-axle and quad-axle configurations, we commonly stock and sell the former.

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Parts for Dump Trailers


Our parts department carries a wide variety of parts for dump trailers like tarps, hoists, cylinders, valves, liners, and more.

Box liners

Box liners

Our one-piece Quick-Slide box and hopper liners provide an even flow and work for dirt, clay, sand, gravel, stone, snow, salt, and more.

Lift Axles

Lift Axles

Save on your operating costs! We can significantly help lower your operating costs with a TUFF LIFT axle system assembly.

Dump Body Vibrators


Our dump body vibrators delivers fast, complete and clean discharge of sticky, compacted or frozen materials from belly dump trailers.

Chemical Sprayers

Chemical Sprayers

Help your load exit smoothly out of your dump body during the cold weather with a chemical sprayer!

Pintle Hitch Replacements

Pintle Hitches

If the pintle hitch on your wagon dump trailer needs to be replaced, we can help. Contact our service department for a quote.