Centerline Trailers

We started selling trailers in 1975 and since then have had thousands of trailers come through our yard. Over the years, we have seen and heard what works and what doesn’t. In 2003 we decided to use this knowledge and combine it with a strong engineering team to produce a line of trailers that are truly meant for the tough Canadian terrain.

Who is Centerline trailers?

Centerline Trailers is our own, exclusive brand of trailers. We distribute them out of our location, west of Edmonton, Alberta.

Where are Centerline Trailers manufactured?

We do not manufacture Centerline Trailers at our location. These trailers are built and assembled in a manufacturing facility located in Manitoba.

Why should I buy a Centerline Trailer?

We vowed from the beginning that quality would never be jeopardized in order to sell at a lower price. We wanted to use the highest quality components because from our experience trailers built this way last the longest. In late 2012, we decided to further expand our line to span over multiple industries, giving our customers a complete solution. The Centerline product line now includes:

As our vision has taken form, the feedback we have received from customers has been what we were expecting: these trailers are durable and reliable. And this is exactly why you should consider a Centerline trailer for your next purchase.

Centerline Trailer Inventory

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