Turning a trailer (or truck) that has been written off back into a piece of equipment that can make our customers money again is something we love doing. To see the transformation of bent and twisted metal going back to its original, straight condition makes us feel like we are performing magic (despite the process being extremely methodical). The “magic” that we are performing in the picture below was able to happen via our JOSAM Frame Straightener.

The JOSAM frame straightener was designed in Europe and is now used all around the world. JOSAM is the market leader in frame straightening systems because of the quality of the technology, which is due to in-depth research and development work. We’ve been using the JOSAM system since 2xxx and since then have turned 100s of trucks and trailers back into repeat money-makers.

Frame straightening is almost a science unto itself. The equipment is placed on the frame rack and high-pressure jacks are hooked to points on the frame and the frame is pulled and pushed back to its original shape. And it doesn’t matter what the weight or size is –  we’ve had units in our shop up to 24 meters long with an overall weight rating of 65 tons.

While the results are more visible with pieces of equipment that have been rolled or tipped, we’ve also restored the positive camber that new trailers like low boys, high boys, and step decks have when they are purchased new. This means no more frame sagging!

Our JOSAM Frame System and frame specialists make us one of the only shops around that turns out excellent frame and axle straightening work. In fact, many other shops bring their customer’s equipment to us. If you would like more information on our frame straightening services, please click here.