With gravel season, just around the corner, we thought we’d share one of our best-selling gravel trailers over the years: the Loadline Pony Pup trailer. This trailer is meant for Alberta – it is tough without being too heavy, it is built with high quality components yet remains an affordable trailer, and it is reliable. When we sell one of these trailers, we rarely see it come back. And with plenty of options available, the Loadline pony pup dump trailer can be built to fit your unique needs.

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If you’re not familiar with Loadline Manufacturing, they are a trailer manufacturer based out of Manitoba specializing in grain trailers, gravel trailers, and truck boxes. We have been a dealer for Loadline since 1988 and have had countless trailers go through our yard. One of the biggest things that stands out for us with their trailers is the consistency in the quality. Put simply, we rarely see their trailers come back. They are tough, and built for our challenging terrain.