Cleral Onboard Truck Scale Systems

Cleral Onboard Truck Scale Systems

Leader in onboard weighing systems for all suspension types

Imagine your truck without a speedometer. It would be complicated and stressful especially at control points. Well, it’s the same for your load, if you have no device monitoring your load weight; you are working blindly. A CLERAL onboard weight monitoring system eliminates that problem. Now, the true load weight and weight per axle are displayed either on your hand-held or onboard system at all times.

Benefits of Cleral onboard weight monitoring systems:

  • No more time loss
  • No more overloads
  • No more under loads
  • No more overload fines
  • No more use of the weighbridge to monitor the weight load
  • No more premature wear damages caused by overloads
  • No more stress

Since you know your load weight you won’t be able to do without it.

Why choose a Cleral onboard weight monitoring system
Cleral is the leader in onboard axle weight monitoring systems for all types of suspensions. The Cleral onboard weight monitoring systems are not just designed for accuracy; they are also designed for quick installation and low maintenance. This translates to less costs for you. The well-thought out design allows you to keep the device for the life of the truck.

Cleral’s unique sensors are placed directly on the suspension system. This allows you to accurately obtain the axles weight. No matter what your suspension system is, you have your load weight and the axles’ weight on the vehicle with a margin of error +/- to 0.01.


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