What kind of lowbed rail profile would be best suited for my work application?

Our customers are faced with different types of terrain surfaces in their business that can ultimately affect the rail profile required. We offer a single drop, shallow drop, or double drop on most of our lowbeds. So which one do you need?

To answer this question, you first have to ask yourself what kind of terrain you are mostly going to be running your lowbed through. If you a running predominately on the highway, then a double drop is going to be a good fit because it had a reduced deck height allowing you to easily haul over-height loads. However, if you are mostly hauling off-road, you will want greater ground clearance allowing you to easily clear harsh terrain. In this case, a single drop is going to suit your application better.

What we have found over the years of selling lowbeds is that our customers didn’t clearly fit into either side of the spectrum. Rather, they were using their trailer in both a highway and off-road setting. This led us to work with one of our manufacturers to develop a rail profile that fit somewhere in the middle, which we termed as a shallow drop. The shallow drop trailer is advantageous because it lies between the single and double drop trailers. It has a lower deck height than the single drop and more ground clearance than the double drop. This style has allowed our customers to haul in a variety of different terrains, giving them a high level of versatility.

If you have more questions or are unsure of which type of drop would best suit your application, contact a Hayworth representative by calling toll free 1-877-962-9110 or email our sales department here.