Advantages of a Hydraulic Detach Gooseneck versus a Mechanical Detach Gooseneck

  • Ease of the gooseneck connection makes it the choice among operator’s
  • Safer to use as the neck can be raised to allow the truck fifth wheel to attach without having to pick up main deck in the process
  • Quicker detach & attach of gooseneck in rough, uneven or wet terrain
  • Hydraulic gooseneck can be raised or lowered to change front deck height for rough terrain ground clearance or overhead obstructions
  • Hydraulic actuation arm in the gooseneck permits greater control in the main deck connection
  • Self-contained hydraulic power pack option in the gooseneck allows for multiply tractors
  • Hydraulic gooseneck cylinders perform the deck lifting requiring an lighter rigged tractor
  • Time required to detach and attach gooseneck to deck is much quicker resulting in increased revenue to the owner

While there are many advantages of a hydraulic detachable neck over a mechanical detachable neck, a mechanical neck may be a better option if the weight and cost of the trailer are your biggest concerns. You can expect to experience weight reductions of 1000 kilograms by going with a mechanical over a hydraulic lowbed.

If you are unsure of which neck will better suit your application, contact a Hayworth representative by calling toll free 1-877-962-9110 or email our sales department by clicking here. We would be happy to walk you through your options.