As soon as the cold weather strikes, inevitably things stop working the way they should. But don’t fret! By taking the time to check over a few key components on your truck, it’ll help to ensure that your equipment is in top shape to take on the cold winter months.

Here are the areas you’ll want to focus on:

  1. Batteries: keeping your batteries operational during the winter is crucial.
    • Keep your battery terminals and connections clean and free of corrosion by using an electrical contact cleaner and protectant
    • Test your batteries before winter fully sets in
    • Replace old batteries
  2. Air System
    • Drain your air tanks daily
    • Perform an air compressor build up test and check for any oil in air tanks. You may need to replace your air compressor.
    • The use of air system lubricant and anti-freeze becomes extremely important in the winter months. Make sure you stock up
  3. Tires
    • Inspect tire sidewall and tread face for damage, irregular tread wear, replace tire if necessary
    • Travel with tire chains
  4. Heating and Coolant System
    • Check your block heater cord for damaged or exposed wires
    • Inspect all hoses, connections for leaks and fan belts for damage. Repair or replace components as required.
    • If using a cab heater, run it once per month throughout the year even when you don’t need to. Damage can be done to your heater if it’s not used regularly.
    • Test coolant strength, top up as required & replace coolant filter.

The best thing you can do is be prepared and part of being prepared is stocking up on the essentials like wiper blades, batteries, gloves, air system components, and winter fluids. It will come in handy if you ever get stranded.

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