Just when we thought we had seen it all after 45 years of business, 2020 brought a pandemic. At the beginning of COVID-19, we were deemed an essential service, which allowed us to continue operating while making some significant changes to the way we do business. In hopes that you might find this information useful as the Alberta economy takes measures to re-open, here is what we have learned after two months of operating during COVID-19.

  • Limit outside traffic to one entrance of your building to be able to have control over how many people enter at once.
  • Have a hand sanitizer station upon entering your building
  • Schedule different times for staff breaks and lunches
  • Take staff temperatures twice daily
  • Enforce social distancing in office and parts store
  • Regular hand washing of all staff
  • Increase communication with employees, customers and vendors
  • Business Continuity Plan in place for dealing with pandemic situation
  • Provide protective equipment for all staff (ie. N95 masks and gloves)
  • Have hand sanitizers in each office and in public areas
  • Increase the cleaning of surfaces, particularly door handles, counters, and electrical switches
  • Hang signage in and around building – safety procedures for washing hands, signs and symptoms, modes of transmission
  • Disinfect any products/supplies/equipment that come into the building
  • Have readily available bottles of Vetro Disinfectant throughout the building to regularly disinfect surfaces – no rinse or wiping required
  • Disinfect interior of trucks with Vetro Disinfectant – misting interior, steering wheel, door handles in and out, windows (reapply every 4 hours)

After following these measures for the last couple of months, we’ve realized the importance of education and clear communication. By providing daily reminders to our team and customers about the importance of the safety measures we’ve put in place, we are keeping them top of mind.

If we work together to keep each other safe, we believe that we will come out of this stronger than ever.

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