Gincor Super B Flat Deck


Gincor Trailer Werx Super B Flat Deck

Discover exceptional value and advanced features with our Gincor Super B Flat Deck Trailers, a cost-effective alternative to other well-known super b flat deck brands. Manufactured with precision and equipped for optimal performance, these trailers stand out with their robust design and budget-friendly pricing.

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Trailer Features

Durable Frame

Constructed with 100,000 psi high tensile steel for the flange and webb, our trailers are not only strong but also boast a long service life, making them a reliable choice for your fleet.

High Visibility Lighting

Equipped with high visibility 4” LED lamps on rear Stop/Turn/Tail/Strobe & ID lights, our trailers ensure visibility in all weather conditions, enhancing safety during transportation.

Two-Speed Landing Gear

Featuring Holland Mark V two-speed landing gear with a static load rating of 120,000 lbs, our trailers provide stability and ease of use during loading and unloading operations.

Aluminum Toolboxes

Enjoy added convenience with two 24”x30”x60” aluminum toolboxes on the lead trailer and two on the pup. The no-fuss locking system ensures easy access even in winter conditions.

Load Securement

With (39) 3-bar winches and J-hooks lining the outside frame of both the lead and pup, our trailers meet and exceed current load securement regulations, ensuring the safety and stability of your cargo.

Full Mud Flap Package

This trailer comes standard equipped with 3 mudflaps ahead of the landing gear on the lead & pup, with 2 mudflaps ahead and behind axle groups.

Model Lead: 323FDL-S & Pup: 282FDP-S
Width 8'6"
Length Overall combined length: 63'6" Lead: 32'0" & Pup: 28'0"
Deck Height Lead: 60"at front, Pup: 51" at rear
Coupler 2" king pin
King Pin Plate 5/16" @ 49" height on lead trailer
King Pin Setting Lead: 30”, Pup: 18”
Swing Radius 88"
Main Beams Flange: 3/8" x 5" top & bottom 100kpsi, Webb: 3/16" 80kpsi
Crossmembers Hi-tensile 4” Jr. I-Beam @ 16 o.c.
Side Rail 4" x 3" high tensile rectangular tube, 1/ 4" bar near top to protect safety tape from load strap damage
Fifth Wheel Fixed mount on bridge of lead
Stake Pockets Pocket in side rail set to flush@ 24" o.c., (4) Pockets in front & rear of lead and pup set flush
Load Securement Various 3-bar winches and J hooks alongside of main rails, Rope hooks at 24” o.c. on sides & (4) across front & rear
Storage (4) Iconic 24" x 30" x 60" aluminum tool boxes, (2) on lead and (2) on pup
Decking 1 5/16” ship lap fir throughout
Landing Gear Two speed crank down 120,000lb capacity
Rear Bumper Pup: 4” x 4” tube style DOT approved
Fenders Poly 180° tub style fenders over lead axles
Axles (5) 25,000 lb. @ 77” track
Axle Spread Lead: 60” & Pup: 49”
Suspension (5) 25,000 lb. air ride
Brake Chambers Type 30/30 parking brakes on all axles
Air Brake System Wabco 4S/2M ABS on lead
Slack Adjusters Automatic self-adjusting on all axles
Camshafts 28 spline c/w enclosed tubes
Hubs & Drums 10 stud hub piloted, long stud & outboard cast drums
Tires 11R-22.5 radial
Wheels (20) 10 Stud pilot mount 8.25 x 22.5 Steel Disc- Silver
Electrical System Integrated wiring harness system, LED rubber mounted lamps, Seven pin female plug at front of each trailer, Seven pin male plug & cord on lead bridge to connect to pup
Muflaps Standard equipped full mud flap package
Finish Sandblasted, epoxy primer & polyurethane paint
Safety Tape Applied as per regulations
Warranty 1st year – 100% parts & labour; 2nd year – 50% parts & labour; 3rd to 5th year – 50% parts only
  • Spare tire carrier
  • Tire inflation system
  • Flip-up fork lift rings on deck of pup
  • Different tire and rim configurations
  • Onboard scale systems (+)

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