Referral Program

It pays to spread the news. Literally.

We have been in business for over 40 years and have become firm believers in the power of referrals. We attribute a huge portion of our success to our customers who spread the word about our company. And now as a thank you to those customers, we have formalized a Referral Program. When you refer someone to Hayworth Equipment Sales and they end up purchasing a new trailer, we will send you a cheque for $500 as a thank you for thinking of us. No strings attached; $500 to do with as you please.

Contact one of our sales representatives today with a name and phone number of the interested buyer and when they drive away with their new trailer, we will happily send you a $500 cheque. You can contact sales by either calling toll free 1-877-962-9110 or fill out the form to email our sales department.

DISCLAIMER: Earn $500 every time you refer a new customer to Hayworth Equipment Sales and they end up purchasing a new trailer within 6 months of the referral information being given. Referring customers earn a one-time amount of $500 for each referral resulting in the sale of a new trailer. During the first transaction, if the new customer purchases more than one new trailer, only one payment of $500 will be given. Referral must be mentioned at time of sale.

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