Before towing your trailer, we highly recommend performing a pre-trip inspection. These steps help to make sure that you are catching any dangerous problems or issues before heading out on the road.

Before performing trailer inspections, service or maintenance:

  • Park trailer on firm, level surface.
  • Set brakes, turn truck engine off and remove ignition key.
  • Chock tires if brakes are to be released.
  • Support trailer with properly rated and placed stands.

Inspections and checks to perform before towing trailer:

  • Check all lights for operation.
  • Check that ABS light on street side rear corner of the trailer is not illuminated.
  • Check that all safety decals are in place and in good, readable condition.
  • Check that all reflectors are in place and in good condition.
  • Check air pressure on all tires. Air pressure is listed on the Certification/VIN tag.
  • Check and inspect all tires. If a tire has a bald spot, bulge, cut or cords showing, replace the tire(s) before towing trailer.
  • Check wheel lug torque.
  • Check the wheel hubs for signs of lubricant leakage.
  • Check for broken or missing leaf springs or verify that air suspension springs are inflated.
  • Check electrical harness and air hoses from truck for damage.
  • Listen for air leaks in hoses and air suspension.
  • Check brakes for wear and adjustment, and verify the brakes function properly.
  • Check the oil level in wheel hubs visually through sight glass on cap. Add gear oil if needed.
  • Check the oil level in hydraulic oil reservoir. Add hydraulic oil if needed.


Repair or replace any worn, damaged, leaking, broken or non-functioning items before towing the trailer.

For a printable version of the Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist to keep in your truck, click below.