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Wireless Trailer Testing Units

We carry Wireless Trailer Testers

Save time and money with a TestTRONIK wireless trailer tester, designed and manufactured by RevTronik!

The TestTRONIK wireless trailer tester product family has been created to help technicians increase their productivity by getting fully autonomous for better trailer inspections. By using a wireless remote control this will help locate and find repair problems on electric and pneumatic circuits on a trailer in a fast and easy manner.

Air Test

  • Performs leak down test on emergency and service air lines.
  • Performs Emergency and Service airline activation
  • Allows technician capability of observing slack adjustments.

Electrical Test

  • Every single electrical circuit can be activated by the remote.
  • Analyzes each electrical signal to help isolate cross, open, overloaded and shorted circuits.
  • 0.1 amps current consumption accuracy displays on LED screen.
  • Capable of accessing ABS blind codes.
  • Allows capability of modifying voltage and current for ELECTRICAL BRAKE applications


  • Manual, remote and automated mode available for every pneumatic and electrical circuit.
  • All cart and kit unit’s ready to use (comes with a 12 foot jumper cable).
    Powder coated steel construction.
  • Visible and audible alerts.
  • 45 amps. Power converter on all cart and kit models.

Return on Investment

  • Only one technician required.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Quick and easy return on investment.
  • Reliable quick trailer inspections.
  • Helps technician to detect and resolve problems.
  • Simple to use and operate.
  • Different models and options available.


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