Cross Clam Dump Trailer

Centerline Tridem Cross Clam

The Centerline Cross Clam dump trailer is designed specifically for contractors who haul a wide variety of products and require a more versatile dump trailer. The cross clam gate assembly allows for the trailer to do a thin uniform spread pattern typically associated with cross dump trailers, as well as have the same quick unloading capacity of a clam dump when the gates are wide open.


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Centerline Cross clam Dump Trailer

Open Frame

Our open frame design in the front and rear reduces weight and drag, increasing payload and profit.

Centerline Cross Clam Dump Trailer Open Frame

Push Block

The bolt on push block assembly protects the rear of the trailer if it comes in contact with a push machine.

Tridem Cross Clam Dump Trailer Slope

Optimum Slope

The steep end slopes combined with tapered side slopes greatly improves material cleanout.

Centerline Cross Clam Dump Trailer Rock Shields

Rock Shields

Individual rock shields are installed on the front side of the brake pots to protect components against debris when pulling in harsh terrain.

Centerline Tridem Cross Clam Dump Trailer Capacity


Including the 2” x 10” sideboards, the total hauling capacity of this trailer is 27.5 cu. yards.

Tridem Cross Clam Dump Trailer Axle


This trailer comes with parallel bearing axles which reduce the amount of friction and thus heat on the brake components, ultimately allowing for easier pulling capabilities.


Model CC3700

39’.2” (Includes push block)

Width 8’6”
Overall Height Top of sideboards: 121"
Target Load Area 7'10"L x 18'0"W
Bottom Hopper Opening 72"W x 76"L
Gate Ground Clearance 15"
Capacity 27.5 cu. yd with 2” x 10” sideboards
Axle Spread 60"
Frame QT-100, I beam sub frame over tridem suspension
Lightweight engineered crossmembers
Diffuser plates & gussets located where required to support & relieve stress
Upper Coupler Rubber bushing, side oscillating upper fifth wheel plats c/w 2” kingpin
Hopper 400-500 brinell, 3 mm 54” h formed side wall panel, formed horizontal stiffener
Main frame beams: 6” x 4” lower & 4” x 4” upper rectangular tube
400-500 brinell, 3mm upper & lower slope panel, tube vertical center stiffener
2” x 10” finished spruce sideboards
Gates (2) 400-500 brinell, 3mm formed gate panels, formed longitudinal stiffeners
Composite 8” double acting air cylinders & quick return valves
Grease type hinge points on gates
Cylinder guards mounted on front & rear hopper opening
Electric adjustable spread selection switch c/w clean out override
40 gallon air reservoirs c/w shut off valve & safety check valve
Mac electric over air operated solenoid gate control
Norgren lubricator & filter units located in an aluminum side cabinet
Bumper Heavy duty bolt on rear bumper and push block
Landing Gear Lightweight drop tube dolly legs, pin type height adjustment
Rock Shields Heavy-duty; installed on front side of axles ahead of brake chambers
Suspension (3) 25,000 lb. air ride suspension @ 60” spread
Dual electric/manual air dump & liquid filled weigh gauge
Axles (3) 25,000 lb. axles @ 77.5” track
Parallel axle bearing system & Stemco HP seals
Brakes 16 ½” x 7” Q Plus brake hoes enclosed camshafts
Automatic slack adjusters
Meritor/WABCO 2S/1M ABS
Hubs & Drums 10 stud steel piloted hubs
Cast steel drums
Wheels 10 stud piloted mounted steel 24.5 x 8.25 wheels – Silver
Tires 11R-24.5 radial 16 ply
Electrical System Integrated harness system
LED rubber mounted sealed beam
Midway turn signal on each side of trailer
Fenders Sloped steel fenders installed neck areas and over rear tires
Mudflaps Standard equipped full mud flap package
Load Cover Michel’s Dura-Flip c/w manual chain drive winder
Finish Sandblasted, primed, and painted with DuPont Imron Elite urethane paint
Sideboards painted in DuPont acrylic urethane paint – Black
Single 4” & double 1” black body stripe
Safety Tape Applied as per regulations
Weight 7,257 kgs +/- 2% on steel wheels (subject to option changes)
Warranty: 1st year – 100% parts & labour
2nd year – 50% parts & labour
3rd to 5th year – 50% parts only
  • Available in other axle configurations
  • Tridrive tractor compatible
  • Tuff-Lift axle lift system
  • Aluminum wheels, lightweight hubs, and Centri-Fuse drums
  • Michel’s Gravel Guard retractable PVC load cover
  • Roll-Rite load cover and electric drive tarp
  • Load slide control electric box vibrators
  • Quick-Slide UHMW hopper liner
  • Calcium sprayer



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