Truck & Trailer Wheel Alignments Edmonton


Correct wheel alignment on your truck or trailer is a crucial factor for both economy and safety. With JOSAM’s wheel alignment systems, our service technicians can quickly carry out a diagnosis on your truck or trailer and find out if your wheel alignment is correct. We are able to perform wheel alignments on a wide range of equipment from 2 wheels to 10 axles.

A proper wheel alignment to steering axles, drive axles, and trailer axles can:

  • Prolong your tire life by 15 – 50%
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce stress on mechanical components
  • Better drivability of your unit which means less fatigue for the driver

After we have carried out measurements and adjustments with our JOSAM equipment, you can be sure that the entire vehicle and trailer is correctly adjusted, not just the axles. Since we measure with the frame as the reference point, all wheels will be going straight regardless of how the truck and trailer are connected.

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