Centerline Tridem Log Trailer

We have been selling log trailers since 1978 and in that time we have seen what works and what doesn’t. When we designed the Centerline log trailer we took that knowledge and designed a trailer meant for the Alberta logging industry.


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Centerline Tridem Log Trailer

Tapered Main Frame

Compatible with tandem and tridem tractors and tandem jeep.

Tridem Log Trailer

Lightening Holes

Lightening holes spaced along the side of the main frame rail reduce weight and allow for easier washing.

Extended Push Bumper

This extended bumper allows a machine to push & lift on the rear of the trailer without damaging the rear light panel.

Centerline Log Trailer


QT-100 high tensile bunks c/w raised pockets. Available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 bunk configurations.

Centerline Log Trailer

Load Winches

Quick change load winches position for front or rear mount. Standard equipped with polyethylene log ropes.

Centerline Tridem Log Trailer

Swing Up Dolly Legs

Light weight swing up, pin style adjustment landing gear.

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Model: LPS50-3
Length: 50'9"
Width: 10'6"
Kingpin Setting Fixed 2” king pin setback @ 24” & 42"
Main Frame

Hi tensile Weldox 700 steel fabricated main frame design

Crossmembers 4” x 4” square tube style floating design

QT-100, 1/4” upper coupler plate and HD crossmembers

Cambered main rail as required

Landing Gear Light weight swing up, pin style adjustment landing gear
Rear Bumper Heavy duty push rear bumper
Lift cable mounted on rear top frame of trailer
Suspension (3) 30,000 lb air ride suspension @ 60” axle spacing
Neway quick leveling valve for accurate air scaling
Air scale 5” liquid filled gauge and airline plumbed to front c/w quick coupler
Air suspension dump valve for all (3) axles
Air dump on 1st tridem axle serves as traction enhancement on the tractor
Axles (3) 25,000 lb (¾” wall) @ 89” track (9’6” over tires)
Brakes 16 ½” x ¾” 25,000 lb brake lining
Parallel bearing system & Stemco HP seals
Parking brakes & axle restraint chain on all axles
Automatic slack adjusters
Enclosed cam tubes on all axles
Meritor/WABCO 2S/1M Anti-lock
Hub and Drums Steel 10 stud hub piloted & cast steel outboard drums
Tires 11R-24.5, 16 ply radial tires
Wheels 10 Stud Pilot Mount 8.25 x 24.5 steel disc - Silver
Bunks (6) 10’5” wide heavy tubular construction with reinforced raised pockets
Stakes (12) 120” Heavy duty high tensile QT-100 steel fabricated taper design
QT-100 ¼” flanges and 3/16” webb
Air & Electrical System: All air and electrical to CMVSS regulations
LED sealed beam lights
Integrated wiring harness
4” LED backup lights mounted on rear light panel
Seven pin female main receptacle & four pin female aux receptacles
Finish: Sandblasted, primed, & painted with PPG urethane paint - Black or silver
Safety Tape: Retro-reflective safety striping applied on frame as per regulation
Retro-reflective safety striping on (3) sides of all log stakes
Warranty: 1st year – 100% parts & labour
2nd year – 50% parts & labour
3rd to 5th year – 50% parts only
  • Tuff-Lift axle lift system
  • Available in drop rail frame
  • H/D off-road design
  • Bunk and stake sizes to suit customer needs
  • Spring assisted folding stakes
  • Bunk and frame mount load secure tensioners
  • Different axle widths and spreads
  • Central tire inflations systems
  • Aluminum rims, lightweight hubs, and Centri-Fuse drums
  • 2-speed crank down landing gear



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