Gincor Super B Flat Deck

Gincor Trailer Werx Super B Flat Deck

This trailer was engineered with the rugged Canadian terrain in mind. It is light enough to efficiently pull on the highway, yet has the strength to withstand off-road environments. Whatever your application, this trailer can provide you with a hauling solution.

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Gincor Super B Flat Deck Frame


100,000 psi high tensile steel is used for the flange and webb, making a strong trailer with a long service life.

Gincor Super B Flat Deck Axles


Parallel axle spindles with larger inner & outer bearings increases fuel efficiency & wheel end life by lowering rolling resistance.

Gincor Super B Flat Deck Height

Matched Deck Heights

The rear of the lead & the front of the pup are the same height.

Gincor Super B Flat Deck Toolboxes

Aluminum Toolboxes

One 24” x 24” x 58” toolbox on the lead and one on the pup. The toolboxes utilize a no-fuss locking system that won’t freeze up in the winter.

Gincor Super B Flat Deck Load Securement

Load Securement

3-bar winches & J hooks on lead & pup; all tested to meet current load securement regulations.

Gincor Super B Flat Deck Mud Flaps

Full Mud Flap Package

Come standard equipped with 4 mudflaps ahead of landing gear on the lead & pup.

Model: Lead: FSL323 & Pup: FSP282
Length: Overall Combined Length: 63’3”
Lead: 32’0” & Pup: 28’0”
Width: 8’6”
Deck Height: Lead: 57” at front, 54” at rear
Pup: 54” at front, 51” at rear
Coupler: 2” weld in king pin
King Pin Plate: Lead: 5/16” High tensile @ 48” height
Pup: 5/16” High tensile @ 46” height
King Pin Setting: Lead: 36”, Pup: 24”
Swing Clearance: 88”
Main Beams: Flange: 3/8” x 5” top & bottom 100,000 psi tensile strength
Webb: 3/16” 100,000 psi tensile strength
Crossmembers: Hi-tensile 4” Jr. I-Beam @ 16 o.c.
Side Rail: 4” x 3” high tensile rectangular tube
1/4” bar welded on outside near top to protect safety tape
Fifth Wheel: Fixed mount on bridge of lead
Stake Pockets: Internal pocket in side rail set to flush @ 24” o.c.
(4) Internal pocket in front & rear of lead and pup set flush
Load Securement: Various 3-bar winches and J hooks alongside of main rails
Rope hooks at 24” o.c. on sides & (4) across front & rear
Storage: (2) 24” x 24” x 58” aluminum tool boxes - (1) on lead and (1) on pup
Decking: 1 5/16” ship lap fir throughout
Landing Gear: Jost 2-spd crank down - 120,000 lb. capacity - Crank on street side
Rear Bumper: Pup: 4” x 4” tube style DOT approved
Fenders: Formed aluminum fenders over 2nd axle on lead bridge
Axles: (5) 25,000 lb. @ 77” track c/w Parallel spindles
Axle Spread: Lead: 60” & Pup: 49”
Suspension: (5) 25,000 lb. air ride
Air Weigh gauge & dump valve in weather proof cabinet
Brake Chambers: Type 30/30 parking brakes on all axles
Air Brake System: Meritor/WABCO 2S/1M Anti-lock
Slack Adjusters: Automatic self-adjusting on all axles
Camshafts: 28 spline c/w enclosed tubes
Hub and Drums: 10 stud hub piloted, long stud & outboard cast drums
Tires: 11R-24.5 radial
Wheels: (20) 10 Stud pilot mount 8.25 x 24.5 Steel Disc- Silver
Electrical System: Integrated wiring harness system
LED rubber mounted lamps
Seven pin female plug at front of each trailer
Seven pin male plug & cord on lead bridge to connect to pup
Finish: Sandblasted, primed and painted with PPG urethane paint
Safety Tape: Applied as per regulation
Warranty: 1st year – 100% parts & labour
2nd year – 50% parts & labour
3rd to 5th year – 50% parts only
  • Tuff-Lift axle lift system
  • Different deck lengths and rail configurations
  • Dunnage rack
  • Aluminum pull-out wide load lights
  • Hubodometer
  • Spare tire carrier
  • Tire inflation system
  • Flip-up fork lift rings on deck of pup
  • Different tire and rim configurations
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